Cortland/Chicago River and Lincoln Yards TIF: final rules, duels, and reveals

In an interview by Ben Joravsky with Dave Glowacz on the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky Show, Dave and Ben discuss the drama that unfolded in the City Council's finance committee around the Cortland/Chicago River TIF district, to help fund Lincoln Yards.

Ben and Dave chew on this: Ald. Hopkins' belief that "the right side should prevail;" the contrast of Amazon's NYC snub and a Cortland TIF denial; rules and duels that delayed the Cortland TIF vote; Ald. Hairston cites "blight" sleight used to justify TIF; Ald. Reilly calls a developer's bluff on a TIF subsidy need; and Ald. Smith uncovers TIF financing costs. Length 6.4 minutes standard, 29.6 minutes premium. (Uncensored version contains profane language.)

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Premium audio (uncensored):

Premium audio (censored):

Article: "A new deal: Lori Lightfoot can negotiate a better agreement at Lincoln Yards and 78" (Chicago Reader)